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Welcome Remarks from IDC

Vladimir Pozdnyakov,
Country Manager, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Caucasus

IDC Keynote: Changes in information security priorities due to the augmentation of the risk

Alexei Proskura,
Program Director, Security, IDC CEE

Why there is a need to stop addressing security only in relation to information technology? Why are traditional approaches to business security untenable under current risk conditions? What areas of information security should be prioritized and what information security functions require development? We are late, let's think together how to not fall behind.


Cyberspace wildlife. Strategy of survival

Vlad Styran,
Internationally known cyber security enthusiast, security leader, and ethical hacker

As you know, human is smaller and slower then almost everything on earth that could eat it. Therefore, during evolution, we had to come together and learn how to use tools to enhance our feeble limbs. This strategy proved to be surprisingly successful in the struggle for survival in the wild, but new threats of today require a new approach. Or not?


Existing situation and proposed solutions to improve Cybersecurity in Ukraine

Alexey Yankovski,
President ISACA Kyiv Chapter



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Modern threats, or why the Anti-Virus died

Sergey Nevstruev,
Head of Threat Prevention, Eastern Europe, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

IoT Security & Risk Management: Roadmap

Myroslav Mishchenko,
Major Account Manager, Ukraine and Belarus, Fortinet

Internet of things has been an integral part of the 4th industrial revolution. It opens a lot of possibilities for enterprises however at the same time it deals with the security risks. Organisations should take that into account when developing their information security strategies. The quantity of operating devices has been increasing exponentially, so the comprehensive approach to information security will help to minimize the risks that internet of things may cause.



Efficient security policy – what does it mean and how much does it cost?

Māris Sperga,
Head of the Data Centre Business Development Department, Lattelecom

Security is one of the basic needs for every human being – as soon as it is compromised, it creates stress and puts the focus only on it until the threat is reduced. We are all trying to be careful so as to reduce our exposure to threats, but do we treat business the same way? The most important thing is to be aware of what could cause security threats, the consequences of such threats and how to handle security incidents. In my presentation today I will try to find answers to questions like what is business data, how should a company classify them, what policies and tools should be introduced to efficiently reduce threats to business.


Active cyber security in today's realities of Ukraine. Methods of protection against unknown and advanced attacks review

Mikhail Kondrashin,
Technical Director of Trend Micro in the CIS countries, Trend Micro

The third world war has already begun. Information is the resource for struggle.
We are talking about the fact that cyber attacks have grown into a business available not only to professionals. Business that brings real money.

According to the experience of Ukraine clearly visible - a large extra cost of cyber attacks gives the political situation around. And the attack on the Ukrainian infrastructural facilities already becomes a habit, so the report also focused on the detection, analysis and neutralization of contemporary hidden targeted attacks in real time.



There is no Security without Visibility

Pavel Sotnikov,
Managing Director for Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, Qualys

Paradox: Information Security market is growing amazingly fast and the are plenty of security products out there but so does number of reported breaches. Why does it happen and the incidents continue to appear? In my speech I will try to answer this question and also I will try to give you some guidance on how to increase speed of Incident Response or even to eliminate a chance of incident to happen by having continuous visibility over your infrastructure.




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Сonfidential information protection in the modern world: reducing risks, investment protection, technology DLP.

Pavel Nazarevych,
Head of Symantec/Veritas in the CIS countries and Georgia, MONT GROUP

Results of recent attacks analysis and recommendations to improve the protection against modern threats

Aleksandr Illyusha,
Chief of Technical Support in Ukraine, ESET

Who carries out targeted attacks?
Which are the most sensitive vulnerabilities in corporate infrastructure?
What kind of damages could be because of targeted attacks?
Who is to blame for the fact that your system has been compromised?
How to improve the protection against modern threats?


Cyber-crimes: how to discover, collect evidence, and bring to responsibility. Successful experience in collaboration between lawyers and computer forensic scientists

• Record chart of Ukrainian Cyber-crimes, or fast situation come-down today
• Problems of discovering and bringing to responsibility IT Moriarti
• Evidence – on what to focus efforts, or special aspects of evidence of guilt in Cyber-crimes committed by “hands with keyboards”
• Prophylaxis of Cyber-crimes, or why it’s cheaper to prevent, then to cure



Sergey Chekhovsky,
General manager and co-founder, EPOS
Mykola Orlov,
Managing Partner, Law Offices of OMP



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