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Registration and Welcome Coffee


Welcome speech

Robert Farish,
Vice President, IDC Russia & CIS

Modern threats. An IDC view

Denis Maslennikov,
Senior Research Analyst, IDC Russia and CIS Countries

Panel discussion with partners


Coffee break and Networking




Fortinet Security Fabric

Mikhail Rodionov,
Head of Representative in Russia, Fortinet

Access 4.0 - Challenges and Solutions for Modern and Secure Mobility of Employees

Natalia Klaus,
Key Account Manager Eastern Europe, HOB GmbH & Co. KG

Mobility as a trend has long captivated the business world. It did not pass workplaces, neither devices nor working hours. The idea of having access to company resources anytime and from anywhere contributes to the business process throughout and is simply comfortable for the staff. However, at the same time it brings up a variety of challenges for the IT-department.

-How to protect information when employees need it, day and night anywhere in the world?

-How to meet the security policy requirements at the same time?

-How to choose the right solution for your requirements and spend fewer resources?

In her presentation, Natalia Klaus will acquaint you with all kinds of mobile work scenarios and offer options for solutions to different tasks concerning IT specialists.


Check Point Software Technologies presentation

Aleksey Beloglazov,
Channel Security Engineer Team Leader, Russia, Check Point

Solar Security presentation

Andrey Timoshenkov,
Senior Technical Consultant, Solar Security

It is believed that the functionality of DLP (Data Leakage Prevention) system is limited only by catching the facts of important information leakage. However, modern DLP system in the course of its work, accumulates a significant amount of digital communications. And if we apply to these data the analysis tools available today, the DLP system can be of a great help solving the problems of personnel security in organizations.

During the presentation we will be describing the best practice methods of using DLP systems to meet the challenges of personnel staff profiling, groups of risk identification, as well as the circumstances that contribute to the thefts. There will be given the list of so-called "Signal flags" and examples of real-life ways to identify several groups of risk.




Sergey Vakhonin,
Solutions Director, Smart Line Inc.

Networking, Lunch




Qrator Labs presentation

Maksim Beloenko,
Business Development Director, Qrator Labs

Security as an Enabler to Digital Transformation

Pavel Sotnikov,
Managing Director for Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, Qualys

The Art of Deception

Udi Peled,
Regional Manager, illusive networks

When advanced attackers compromise a network, they relentlessly advance towards a clearly defined target. To reach their goal, these persistent, highly skilled attackers repeatedly collect data, analyze it, and use it to move laterally. Deception technology is the most effective way to detect advanced attackers early as it uses their own persistence and iterative tactics against them. Using fake information such as user-credentials, servers, and websites, you can detect attackers before they reach sensitive data. To remain one step ahead, state-of-the-art, network-optimized deceptions automatically and dynamically construct a deceptive layer over your entire network, with zero IT footprint and no agents installed. By constantly creating an environment where attackers cannot tell real information from fake information, deceptions ensure that the data attackers collect is always unreliable. And if attackers cannot rely on collected data, they cannot proceed and the attack is neutralized.


The Future is Here – the New Reality of Cyber Security

Mikhail Kondrashin,
Technical Director of Trend Micro in the CIS countries, Trend Micro

This year we will be witnesses of qualitative changes in approaches for providing protection. Cause of this change is a switch in cyber warfare battlefields. We see forming of several domains where adequate security techniques are still absent and these domains are the ones where cybercriminals will target. Talk will outline new security frontiers and possible approaches for providing protection will be listed.


Coffee break and Networking




2017: New Challenges in Protecting Banking Information

Aleksey Pleshkov,
Head of Department of Information Security Regimen, Gazprombank

Complex Solution for IT security Systems. Different Approach. Certification Expediency and Necessity.

Oleg Bosenko,
Head of Security Department, Roselectronics

Heterogeneous network security of Rusagro industrial facilities

Aleksey Gazizov,
IT Director, Meat Business Rusagro

Fundamental IoT Security Problems

Elena Petrova,
Head of Information Security Department, ECONOMIKS-BANK

Q&A Session


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